Solid and Purity Balance of Affination Process    
S.NO Description Values UOM    
1 Raw Sugar Quantity  T    
2 Raw sugar Brix 99.7 %    
3 Raw Sugar Purity %    
4 Affinated liquor Brix %    
5 Affinated liquor Purity %    
6 Magma Brix %    
7 Affinated raw sugar brix %    
8 Affinated raw sugar purity %    
  Quantity of Affinated liquor for magma  T    
  Total Quantity of magma T    
  Purity of magma T    
  Affinated Raw sugar    
  Affination Liquor    
S.NO Description Quantity Solids UOM  
1 Affination Magma T  
2 Affinated Raw sugar T  
3 Affinated liquor  T  
4 Wash water   T  
5 Affinated liquor for magma preparation T  
6 Affinated liquor send to recovery house T  
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