Calculate Batch centrifugal Machine Capacity and Gravity Factor    
S.No Description Sign Value UOM    
1 Dia of basket  D Mtrs
2 Height of the basket H Mtrs
3 RPM of the basket N RPM
4 Time required for one cycle   sec    
5 Top plate angle of basket θ Deg.
Density of massecuite
6 No. of cycles per hour
7 Practically taken 1 to 2 empty Cycles per hour so here taken 1 empty cy./hr        
8 Thickness of the massecuite (Practically) e 

Taken 0.12D
Mtrs 0.12D
  Thickness of the massecuite (Theoretically)  e  Mtrs  0.14D
  Capacity of the machine Theoretically Kgs/Cycle      
  Capacity of the machine Practically Kgs/Cycle      
  Gravity factor    By the formula of D x N2/1800    
Taken theoretical values
By the formula  of Rm x 1119 x  ( N / 1000)2