Pan  Inlet & Outlet Vapour Pipe Dia Calculation      
S.No Description Value UOM    
1 Heating surface of the pan m2  
2 Evaporation rate kgs/m2/hr      
3 Pan Inlet Vapour Temperature oC  
4 Pan Outlet Vapour Temperature oC  
5 Pan Inlet Vapour Velocity m/sec  
6 Pan Outlet Vapour Velocity m/sec  
1 Specific volume of Pan inlet vapour M3/kg  
2 Specific volume of Pan Outlet vapour M3/kg  
3 Volume of the pan inlet vapour M3/sec    
4 Volume of the pan outlet vapour M3/sec    
5 Pan Inlet vapour Line Dia mtrs  
  Say mm  
6 Pan Outlet vapour Line Dia mm  
  Say mm