Requirement of Seed Slurry for graining in crystallization
S.No Particulars Values UOM
1 Grain Batch pan capacity (Dropping magma) MT
2 Grain & Molasses ratio to continuous pan 1
3 Grain feed Brix to Cont. pan  
4 Liquor feed brix to cont.pan  
5 Final Dropping massecuite Brix 95  
6 Sugar nuclei size in slurry micron
7 Crystal size in final dropping massecuite microns
8 Crystal percent in final dropping massecuite %
9 Density of crystalline sucrose gm/cm3
10 Sugar seed quantity in slurry gm/liter
1 Required weight of the sugar seed in slurry  Grams
2 Weight of the sugar in slurry per metric ton of massecuite gm/ MT of massecuite
3 Seed slurry quantity Ltrs
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